Custom Alerts using Sage Intacct Smart Events

Have you ever felt like your knowledge of what your accounting system users are doing on a day-to-day basis is not current? Have you discovered that keeping up with the vendors that your many users are creating requires too much manual querying in the system to review for completeness and correctness? Wouldn’t you want to know about all of the vendors that are being created by your users, so you may promptly review them for accuracy and legitimacy?

Sage Intacct has thought of this, as Sage Intacct’s users can program automated emails to be sent out when new records are created through the use of Smart Events.

In this case, imagine that you are the controller of a company with many transacting accounts payable staffers spread across several locations. As is normal with business, these staff members will need to enter new vendors occasionally in order to enter in all of their accounts payable bills. Since you want to ensure that your vendor master list is tidy, accurate, and populated with only legitimate suppliers, you want to be alerted whenever a new vendor is created so that you may review it immediately.

A smart event email can be configured to send an email like the following whenever a vendor is created:


The email that is sent upon creation of a vendor can be tailored to send any vendor data you wish in the body of the message. In the above email, the vendor ID, name, and time of creation is given in the email body. In addition, there is a hyperlink that will take you directly to the newly created vendor in Sage Intacct. This link would be very helpful for users accessing from mobile devices. Finally, a .pdf file with the vendor’s information can be added as an attachment to the email.

From this email, you can immediately find the new vendor in Sage Intacct and review it instead of finding it later and learning that it has incorrect information, is a duplicate, or is an illegitimate vendor. With the Smart Event notifying you of all the new vendors that are entered, you avoid having incomplete vendor records, accidentally sending checks to an incorrect address, or paying a scam vendor.

Smart Events can also be used to place newly created vendors in a “Don’t Pay” status, which will allow bill entry, but will not allow the new vendor to be paid until the controller lifts this status. For even stricter control, a Smart Event can be configured to place the vendor in an Inactive state upon creation, which does not permit users to enter in bills for that vendor until it is activated.

Smart Events like this one can be used in many different areas of the system on almost all objects and records. This is just one example of how Smart Events can work to tailor Sage Intacct for your organization’s needs.

If you have any questions about Sage Intacct Smart Events and what they can do for you and your organization, feel free to contact the Maner Solutions Sage Intacct team at and