Dimension-based Financial Reports in Sage Intacct

Traditional account-based financial reports are great for many applications. These reports are great choices for periodically publishing and presenting to a board, internal constituents, and external parties. However, the downside of this format of report is that it doesn’t give you great insight into your organization’s operations at a glance. Account-based reports require some effort to extract and analyze your organization’s key metrics. For this reason, Sage Intacct allows for dimension-based financial reports that are ideal for viewing summarized performance on a dashboard.

Sage Intacct’s powerful and flexible dimensions allow report authors to create dimension-based reports that list dimensions down the rows and selected account group balances across the columns. See the below example for a simple dimension-based customer sales financial report on a dashboard:

With this report, a manager can see how YTD sales are for each customer. In addition, the manager can see each customer’s type and who is assigned as their customer rep. Another use of this type of report may be to see net income by location, with the location’s square footage listed as well. These two report elements can be used to create a calculation on the report itself:

At a glance, a manger can see the bottom line net income for each one of an organization’s locations and see which locations are using their capacity efficiently. In addition, the rollup of all of the subsidiary locations into their respective region gives a regional summary of income per square foot.

These examples are just a couple of the possible dimension-based reports you can generate with Sage Intacct. Look for our free CPE for Lunch in the next month to learn more about dimension-based reports and creative uses for different column types!