Enforcing Complete and Accurate Records in Sage Intacct

Have you ever had the problem of your accounting system users entering in new vendors or customers but leaving out a street address, phone number, or email address? Has something like this caused panic and scrambling on a check or invoice run? Even if an event like this has not happened to your organization yet, it’s bound to happen eventually. We’re all human and make mistakes, after all.

But what if you could safeguard your organization against incomplete or incorrect data eventualities? Good news! You can with Sage Intacct’s Smart Rules. Smart Rules are data validation tools that help to ensure data entered or imported into Intacct is complete, correct, and entered at the right level (whether top or entity level).

Natively, Intacct has fields marked as required before you can save a record. However, filling in just these required fields might not fit the requirements of your business and its processes. Smart Rules help to fill this performance gap by allowing the system administrator to make additional fields necessary or suggested during data entry.

In addition, Sage Intacct Smart Rules can ensure your data is input at the correct levels of your business. If most of your master record data, such as vendors and customers, are meant to be shared among all entities, a Smart Rule can be created to enforce entry at the top level of Intacct. Smart Rules can also be configured to ensure your transactional data is also input at the correct level.

Smart rules can be configured to be hard-stop errors for cases where certain data fields are required to save records and transactions, or they can be set to issue a bypassable warning.

Sage Intacct’s Smart Rules are amazingly flexible and are useful in a great number of business situations. The few simple examples given above just scratch the surface of Smart Rules capabilities. Smart Rules are also capable of handling “if then” events along with mathematical calculations, so they can handle rather complex cases. Finally, Smart Rules have a completely customizable message when they are triggered, so the error and steps to resolve it can be understood by your users.

If you have any questions about Smart Rules and how they can help your business, please do not hesitate to contact the Maner Intacct team, Wes at wsalisbury@manersolutions.com or Dave at dcaldwell@manersolutions.com.