November 28, 2018
Lansing Center, Lansing MI


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8:30 am

Keynote Speaker: Michelle L Steffes, CPS, CPLC!
Michelle has been empowering people and teams for over two decades as a Leader, Director, Team Builder and Business Builder. She empowers individuals and teams, by utilizing cognitive insights and methods to accelerate growth, increase performance and transform self-defeating mindsets. Michelle will be presenting on how to empower leaders.

Practical applications for an engaged and empowered culture. You will discover a science backed approach to increasing morale and transforming your culture. Learn science-backed engagement methods that expose untapped talents, increase morale and produce results. BONUS: 6 powerful tools which will motivate and excite your team!

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9:50 am

Streamlining Your Processes – Top 10 Tips
Presenter: Sarah Jennings, CPA, CFE, CAE
Every organization needs to continually use technology to save time and streamline process. Discuss the top 10 considerations when reflecting on how things are done. Learn key questions to ask yourself (or your finance team) and when to “call for help” on the integration side of things.

Living Beyond the Financial Statements
Presenters: Jessica Fleet, CPA and Jeff Allen, CPA
Have you ever looked at a set of financial statements and wondered “what good are these things anyways?” Sure, financial statements are great for explaining where you’ve been, but, they can’t really explain where you should be headed. What if you could provide more than just explanations on net income variations, ratios and balances? What if you could also accurately forecast the future and increase the value of the company? In this session, we will be exploring fresh thoughts and methods that could dramatically change how we increase profitability and make the company more valuable.

Sage Intacct New Features & New Report Writer Overview
Presenter: Wes Salisbury
Join this session to learn about the most significant improvements made to Sage Intacct in 2018. New features include enhancements to the help file, financial graphs, spend management, Action UI, and queue administration. Also get a sneak-peek into the new Interactive Custom Report writer at this session.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 & R2 New Features
Presenter: Sue Veres
GP2018 R2 is here! Come to this jam packed session to see the new features of both GP2018 and GP2018 R2. GP2018 is focused around comprehensive doc attach, optimized financial and HRP features, user experience and workflow while GP2018 R2 enhancements concentrate around financials, purchasing usability, sales optimizations and top feature requests.

Affordable Housing Legal Update
Presenters: Mike Stefanko, James F. Anderson, V, and Dominic R. Rios
Mike, James, and Dominic will cover legal issues facing the industry. They will cover provisions that should be included in Partnership agreements to address new tax law changes and some estate planning strategies for Partnership interests. Additionally, the presentation will address legal issues that must be considered for exit strategies and considerations as Partnerships approach year 15 and the end of the tax credit compliance period.

Building a Legacy Mindset
Presenter: Michelle L Steffes, CPS, CPLC
In this session you will be inspired by stories, insights, statistics and cognitive methods to overcome and rise above every circumstance with a destiny mindset to the service of others. You will leave feeling empowered and compelled to face every challenge with a new perception and a strong desire to reach out and make an impact in the world around you. The call to action will be one of specific and highly effective practices that will reverse self-defeating perceptions and release a fresh passion for life and legacy.

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11:10 – 12:10 pm

Impact of UBI Activities & Taxable Fringe Benefits for Nonprofits
Presenters: Brandy Terwilliger, CPA and Tara Drost, CPA
In this session, you will learn about the specific aspects of tax reform that impact Not for Profit Organizations. We will also take a deeper dive into the new reporting requirements for Unrelated business income, based on IRS released regulations.

Crypto-Hijacking: Is your computer or network slow? Maybe you’ve been “Jacked”!
Presenter: Ryan Carter
Over the past year, we have seen an increase in successful attempts to hijack computers and network systems to mine crypto-currency on a global scale. As crypto currency values spiked over the past year criminals have been silently hijacking more systems to engage in the mining process. People accidentally install this malware on their computers. This usually happens through an e-mail campaign, a compromised website that shows up in search results, or the malware may be bundled with other types of programs like freeware or shareware thru the use of Java script.

Sage Intacct – Paperless and Collaborative
Presenter: Steve Walker
Sage Intacct is removing data limits? WHAAAAT!!!?? Now’s the time to go paperless with your accounting. We will show you Intacct’s best practices for attachments and attachment folders. We will also show you how to route the document for approval using the purchasing module which comes with the Core subscription, so you already own it. We will also show how to use Collaborate (also included with Core) for clarification or additional approval.

Dynamics 365 Business Central – The Intelligent Edge
Presenter: James Meyer and Tom Jablonski
Business Central is Microsoft’s new Cloud ERP solution. Sitting on top of the Microsoft Power Platform, fully integrated with Office 365 and aggressively priced, Business Central offers a unique value proposition for any organization looking for a cloud-based ERP/Accounting Software solution. Find out how Business Central compares to other Cloud-based ERP solutions and how existing Dynamics GP users can leverage it to access Microsoft’s Intelligent Edge.

Insurance Strategies with HUB International
Presenters: Austin Smith and Grant Webster
What are the risk assessment strategies that are available for real estate Partnerships and portfolios? How can I save on insurance costs? What are some essential coverages that a real estate Partnership should have? Join HUB International staff as they present on potential insurance cost saving opportunities and essential coverages.

An Economic Update from Fifth Third Bank – Fearless Forecasts for 2018
Presenter: Tom Jalics, CFA
During the presentation we will talk about our take on the current economic and market conditions. We will review how we started the year out and four considerations for 2018. Then move to our three fearless forecasts for the rest of 2018, on the economy and markets while detailing our views on where we are in the cycle and where opportunities remain.

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1:00 – 2:00 pm

Ask the Experts – HR Panel
Jodi Schafer & Aaron Davis; Facilitated by Trey Williams, CPA
Human resource management plays a very important role in the growth of an organization. Join us for this highly interactive panel discussion featuring experienced leaders in our HR community! Hear first-hand about such topics as recruiting, retention, organizational structure, the economy, mentoring and strategic viewpoints. Please feel free to submit questions prior to the conference by emailing Christine at

Maximize Your Business Value
Presenter: Dennis Theis, CPA
Learn proven techniques to maximize the value of your business. Gain knowledge about barriers that reduce business value. Establish a planning process in core business functions to accomplish your business and personal goals.

Sage Intacct Advanced Financial Report Writer
Presenter: Karen Campbell
Your Balance Sheet on steroids! Perform dynamic calculations on your balance sheet utilizing column calculations, computations, statistical accounts and other advanced features available in the Financial Report Writer. Add financial ratios to the balance sheet to provide deeper insights into your data.

Why would I care about Power Apps and Flow?

Presenter: Belinda Allen
Attend this session and see Belinda use PowerApps and Flow with Microsoft Office and Power BI. Here is your opportunity to see some very real and very practical uses of these two amazing products. This session will leave you excited by how the opportunities, that these two products can provide, will improve your business life.

Affordable Housing Tax Update
Presenters: Maddy Henry, CPA and Stephanie Calver, CPA
How does the new tax law impact my Partnership? What is this net interest deduction limitation all about. Join Maddy and Stephanie for a case study with sample Partnerships demonstrating the impact of the new tax law.

Corporate Performance Management
Presenter: James Meyer and Dave Henson
Learn why finance teams are increasingly turning to CPM systems to help with budgeting, forecasting and financial reporting, including analytics, allocations & consolidations. We will review the features and benefits of leading CPM solutions including Adaptive Insights, BI360 and Jet Reports.

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2:20 – 3:20 pm

Helping Nonprofits Develop Analytics & KPIs
Presenter: James Meyer
In this session we will discuss why Analytics are important, which Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are typically important for non-profits and how you can determine which KPIs you need to monitor for your organization. Then we will show you some tools and best practices (e.g. dashboards and graphical reports) for monitoring those KPIs.

GAAP Update on Revenue Recognition and Leasing
Presenters: Joel Korson, CPA and Dave Nielsen, CPA
Come join us for our follow-up to last year’s session on revenue recognition as well as a new upcoming accounting standard on the treatment of leases. We will delve into the world of ASC 606 and ASC 842, what they will look like, and how they will impact your financial statements.

“YES” Sage Intacct Can Do That
Ever think “I wonder if Intacct can do this” or “I’d really like it if………”? Well, often the answer is “YES, Sage Intacct can do that!” In this session, we will discuss innovative, outside-the-box items and ideas that have been employed to maximize your use of Intacct. This promises to be a lively, fun, informative meeting for novice and experienced Sage Intacct users alike; you won’t want to miss it!

“YES” Dynamics GP Can Do That
Presenters: Matt Mason and Tom Jablonski
Ever think “I wonder if GP can do this” or “I’d really like it if………”? Well, often the answer is “YES, Dynamics GP can do that!” In this session, Matt and Tom will discuss innovative, outside-the-box items and ideas that have been employed to maximize your use of GP. This promises to be a lively, fun, informative meeting for novice and experienced GP users alike; you won’t want to miss it!

Payroll Year End Update
Presenter: Mike Weller, CPA
Attend this session and get information on payroll forms, checklists and information for your payroll year-end reporting and what is coming for 2019.

The Power of Excel and Power BI
Presenter: Belinda Allen
Use Power BI to take your Excel worksheets to the next level. In this session, we will delve deep into Power BI leveraging Microsoft’s tools?” There are many tools that create a strong bond between Excel and Power BI. In this session, we’ll review these tools and see them in action.

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3:40 – 4:40 pm

Are You Ready for the New NFP Reporting Standard?
Presenter: Mark Lockwitz, CPA
ASU 2016-14 regarding the presentation of not-for-profit reporting is effective beginning with December 31, 2018 reporting years. The ASU will result in significant changes to financial reporting and disclosures for all nonprofits. The presentation will cover the standard’s requirements and provide examples to help you gain an understanding of how to implement and comply with the new reporting model.

Tax Reform
Presenter: Matt Latham, CPA
Towards the end of 2017, Congress passed one of the most comprehensive changes to our tax laws in over 30 years. Join us as we take an in-depth look at some of the biggest changes that will impact your bottom line and provide you and your business with numerous planning opportunities.

Windows as a Services
Presenter: Joe DeLuca
In this session, we will discuss the new way of building, deploying and servicing Windows. We will go over enterprise deployment strategies, talk about the differences and options, and how WaaS leverages Azure in the Cloud.

Dynamics GP Tips and Fixes
Presenter: Matt Mason
This is an expansion on the classic Tips & Tricks sessions of the past, but with added content for fixing GP errors. Matt Mason will employ a Rapid-fire approach to demo in GP some neat NEW (and maybe used) features, some whimsical, some arcane, but guaranteed to make your GP experience a better one! Additional Handout – Mail Merge into GP

Budgeting Software Panel Discussion
Presenters: Adaptive, Solver & Jet Global
If budgeting is a challenge for you and Excel is just not hacking it, this session is a must. We have asked three of the leading budgeting software solutions to participate in a panel discussion where we will compare and contrast how these solutions can help you turn budgeting and forecasting from a nightmare into a dream.

Customization Showcase
Presenters: Seth Meyer and Dave Feenstra
Do you have a task that takes all day? Do you find yourself doing the same thing over and over again? Do you have tasks that you feel can be done more efficiently? Did you know that Maner Costerisan has a full custom software development team? Well then this session is the session for you. We will be going over ways that we can help with those daily work struggles. We want YOU to be the driving force in finding those tasks that seemingly take all day and are mundane. We have solutions that will both make you more efficient in your daily routine and save your company money.


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