November 8, 2016        Lansing Center, Lansing MI
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8:30 amWelcome
Keynote Speaker: Sajay Rai

Lessons Learned from Recent Cyber Security Incidents
Every time a new cyber security incident story appears in the media, most organizations wonder what type of an incident it was and if they should be taking any additional measures to safe guard their critical assets. Whether it was a breach through a third party credentials, or an advanced persistent threat, most organizations are concerned whether they are doing enough and whether they should do more.
This session will discuss the lessons learned from these incidents and how they affect your organization. The presentation will provide pragmatic management view of what to learn from these incidents and how to strengthen your organization’s security program.
The attendees will learn what they should know about security breaches, what they should do and the steps to take to protect their organizations.
9:40 amBreak
9:50-What is your organization doing to prevent fraud?
Presenter: Sarah Jennings

Do you have controls and procedures in place to prevent fraud? In this session we will review the role controls and procedures play in prevention and detection of fraud and why some are more effective than others. How an organizations size effects variances in fraud and what the effects of fraud are on organizational health.

Implementing an Effective Business Succession Plan

Dennis Theis and Matt Latham

Developing the right strategy for a succession can be the difference between a smooth transition and one with possible disastrous implications for your business. During this session we will discuss key factors for implementing an effective succession plan, such as: process, structure, timing, and the wildcard human element involved with the transition.

IT Managed Services
Presenter: Joe DeLuca & Ryan Carter

The question of whether to outsource IT has become part of the strategic thinking process for a growing number of companies across a wide range of industries. Through a managed services model, organizations can benefit from greater expertise, lower costs and higher quality, as well as free up management to focus on more strategic endeavors.

Insights – New Directions for GP
Presenter: Dave Feenstra

Dynamics GP is continuing to expand!  This session will look at the future of GP as well as Microsoft’s newest offerings!

10:50 amBreak

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11:10 – 12:10 pm990T Red Flags & New NFP  Financial Reporting Update
Presenter: Brandy Terwilliger & Mark Lockwitz

This session will cover some of the most common reporting issues with the Form 990T and will touch on the new not-for-profit financial reporting standards just released by FASB in August 2016.

Achieving Higher Levels of Profitability, Growth and Competitive Differentiation 

Presenter: Frank Sanders, CSM Research 
In this session learn how to improve the customer experience you deliver by developing and executing a best practices ‘Voice of the Customer’ program, in your organization.

Intacct’s Financial Reports by Dimension
Presenter: Dave Caldwell

Give up your segmented account number and expand on the power of dimensional financial reporting.   Spend some time with us and let us show you how dimensional reporting can give you a deeper dive into your organizations finances, with Intacct.   Slice and dice in a way that only Excel could allow you to produce a financial statement.   Intacct users, come and see areas of your financial reporting tool that will give you visibility down to a level of underlying detail providing you with the ability to make faster, more informed business decisions.

GP Year-End Closing with 1099’s
Presenter: Matt Mason

This session is applicable to new GP users and also to existing users that want a refresher on what you need to do at year end. We will cover all of the modules, but special attention will be spent on the 1099 process and how to generate 1099’s.
12:10 – 1:00pmLunch

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1:00 – 2:00 pm

Leadership Succession-Are you ready?

Presenter: Kelley Kuhn, from Michigan Nonprofit Association

Nonprofits face many challenges and one of many emerging trends is the transition of leadership. This workshop will highlight the steps necessary to start developing a leadership succession plan. Topics of the session will explore leadership development through the lens of board members, staff and other important stakeholders to ensure a seamless transition.

Payroll Tax Update – Forms and Requirements
Presenter: Mike Weller

Attend this session and get information on payroll forms, checklists and information for your payroll year-end reporting and what is coming for 2017.
Microsoft’s “All About the Cloud” Initiative 
Presenter: Joe DeLuca & Ryan Carter

Cloud computing is becoming an integral part of IT, and has the potential to play a major part in addressing inefficiencies and improving service delivery.  The Cloud computing model can significantly help organizations grappling with the need to provide highly reliable and innovative services.

Administrative Tools for Dynamics GP
Presenter: Dave Feenstra

Does GP security have you confused?  Not sure what to do for backups?  How do I keep GP running smooth?  This session will take the mystery out of some of the administrative tasks in GP and look at tools for troubleshooting and setting proper security.

2:00 pmBreak

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2:20 – 3:20 pmDashboards-Performance Metrics at Your Fingertips
Presenter: James Meyer
Every business can benefit from dashboards and, with today’s technologies, they’re doable and affordable for businesses of all sizes. In this session we will take a look at how businesses are using dashboards, what some of the tools are for creating dashboards and how you can get started in creating meaningful dashboards for your business.
Intacct Smart Rules & Smart Events
Presenter: Wes Salisbury

Attend this session on Intacct Smart Rules and Smart Events to further customize your Intacct experience. Create business rules as well as automated alerts and events to enhance control and decrease manual data entry. For example, learn to set rules that prevent customers from exceeding a credit limit or automatically fill a field on a customer’s invoice with information from that customer’s profile.

Dynamics GP Payroll Module Year End Close 

Additional ACA Information for GP

Presenters: Matt Mason

An update on the processes you need for the closing your payroll module for 2016 and prepare for 2017. With some best practices thrown in.

3:20 pmBreak

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3:40 – 4:40 pmAsk the Experts – Human Resources Discussion
Presented by Jodi Schafer and Brandon Zuk

Human resource management plays a very important role in the growth of an organization. Join us for this highly interactive panel discussion featuring experienced leaders in our HR community! Hear first-hand about such topics as recruiting, retention, organizational structure, the economy, mentoring and strategic viewpoints.
Year End (or year around) Tax Strategies & Tax Planning
Presenter: Matt Latham

Whether you are just starting your new business, expanding your current business, or looking to retire and transitioning your business to a younger generation there are always tax pitfalls to pay attention to and be aware of so that you maximize your bottom line. In addition to discussing long term tax strategies, we will review the current law changes that will impact your short term filings for the upcoming tax filing season.
Data Hijacking & Network Intrusions -IT Security
Presenter: Joe DeLuca and Ryan Carter

In this session, we will review some of the hot-button topics that affect businesses of all sizes regarding Crypto-ware, Ransomware and other network intrusions that can cost your business downtime and loss of revenue.   Over the past 3 years this type of data hijacking has spiked with many high profile companies hospitals and municipalities highlighted in the national spotlight.
Dynamics GP Management Reporter or Jet Express?
Presenter: Fil Schwartz
Most of you are familiar with MR and FRx but now there’s a new, Excel based product for Financial Statements and much more, called Jet Express. This session will compare Management Reporter and Jet Express. See Jet Express in action and learn about the pros and cons of this exciting free product for Dynamics GP.

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