November 14, 2017        Lansing Center, Lansing MI

November 14, 2017 AGENDA

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8:30 amWelcome
Keynote Speaker: Rich Sheridan, CEO of Menlo Innovations

Rich is the author of “Joy, Inc.” a publication on how to build a workplace people love. Rich will help you create an intentional team culture focused on the business value of joy and unleash the human energy, and the results you always knew were possible. Each conference attendee will receive a copy of his book “Joy, Inc.” free.
Explore what an intentionally joyful culture must choose as its focus. Rich will discuss what joy looks like, feels like, how it is organized. Along the way, you will be confronted by paradoxical approaches of how workplace noise increases productivity, how two people at one computer outperforms hero-based organizations 10-to-1, how rigor and discipline emanate from a shared-belief system, how transparency conquers fear, how all of the disciplines you study including agile, lean, and six sigma when done well are really about building human relationships at the intersections of business and technology, between project management and software development, between development and design and how quality can be a natural result of a team built on trust.
This is not a theoretical talk, but rather a talk built from well over a decade of experience of leading a team focused on “the business value of joy”. There will be lots of room for discussion with the audience. The audience will begin to understand why thousands of people make the journey to Ann Arbor every year to see The Menlo Software Factory firsthand, and why so many more are reading about it in Joy, Inc. – How We Built A Workplace People Love.
9:40 amBreak
9:50 am

Audit Preparation Best Practices
Presenters: Jeff Straus, CPA & Kyle Schafer, CPA

Join Kyle Schafer and Jeff Straus as they cover best practices for preparing for your financial statement audit. Topics include communication between audit team and finance team, to develop a project approach to the process of organization preparation to the external audit, and common items requested for the audit.

Life’s hard, Revenue Recognition doesn’t need to be
Presenters: Dennis Theis, CPA, Dave Nielsen, CPA & Joel Korson, CPA

Prepare for implementation of new revenue recognition standards with real life examples. Come with questions, leave with answers and a plan to implement the standards.

Sage Intacct – Intro to New User Interface
Presenter: Wes Salisbury

For most of 2017, you have probably noticed the “Enable Beta UI” link while using Sage Intacct. This new Action interface brings about many positive changes for users and gives Sage Intacct a fresh new look. It will also become the standard interface in early 2018, so attend this session to receive critical information on new features, layout changes, and phase-in schedule so you and your Sage Intacct users are ready for the upcoming transition.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Reporting Tools Shootout
Presenter: Dave Feenstra

Power BI, Sql Server Reporting Services, Excel Reports, SmartList, Management Reporter. Microsoft offers so many different reporting tools, it can make your head hurt! From building dashboards to simple data inquiries, this session will take a look at the different tools and when and how to use each one.

Ownership Transition Strategies

Tom Ziemba, Global Employer Services Managing Director, Ph.D. of BDP USA, LLP, Chicago IL

In addition to the financial considerations associated with various transition alternatives, ownership transition and succession involves consideration of the interests of a number of stakeholders. It’s common for many business owners to feel like they are “stuck” or simply can’t get buy-in on which course of action to pursue. Join Tom and gain insight into ownership transition strategies that address owner specific issues, leadership succession, executive compensation, and comprehensive corporate planning.

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11:10 – 12:10 pm

Getting the Truth
Joe Koenig

Helping you differentiate truth from deception and how to ask the right question, the right time, the right way.
Fraud risks are everywhere and the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners’ 2016 Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuseestimates organizations lose an average of 5% of revenue to fraud.

Utilize Your Small Business to Maximize Your Retirement

Additional Handout
John Gingas

This session will focus on small business plans with 20 or less participants.  It will include creative plan designs and related case studies as well as tips, tricks and recent trends.

Modernize Your Budgeting Process
Dave Henson & Adaptive

Do you have a love/hate relationship with Excel when it comes time to do your budgeting and reporting? You are not alone! Built by finance people, for finance people, Adaptive Insights provides all the benefits of Excel without any of the headaches. No more formulas breaking; no more merging of sheets; no more wondering which version is the right one; and most importantly no more compromising between getting it right or getting it done. Come see how Adaptive Insights will modernize your budgeting process from static to ACTIVE planning.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Interactive User Section
Matt Mason & Sue Veres

It’s baaaccck…your chance to interact with other Dynamics GP users to discuss GP joys (yes, there are some) and pains and how to most efficiently use the software. The agenda will be driven by you and one (or more) Maner consultants will be on hand to moderate. This can be a very energetic session.
Note: if you would like a specific topic addressed, please email Christine ( or Matt ( in advance of the conference.

National Office and US market and Economic Outlook: People & Policies

Dan Kieffer,  Director of Alternative Strategies and Equity Research for Fifth Third Bank

During the presentation we will talk about our take on the current economic and market conditions. We will discuss 3 specific headwinds as well as several potential tail winds for the economy and markets while detailing our views on where we are in the cycle and where opportunities remain.

12:10 – 1:00pmLunchTo access session material, click on session title. Not all sessions have materials available.
1:00 – 2:00 pmNonprofit Executive Round Table
Panel: Justin Winslow, MRA
Dan Layman, Ele’s Place
Kelley Kuhn, MNA
Join our panel of nonprofit executives to discuss best practices, emerging trends, concerns and opportunities. If you have a question or topic you would like discussed, please email it to Christine at prior to the conference.

Payroll Year End Update
Mike Weller, CPA

This annual session will give you information on 2017 payroll forms, checklists and information for your payroll year-end reporting and what is coming for 2018.

Why Businesses “WannaCry” about Cybersecurity
Ryan Carter

Earlier this year, the WannaCry ransomware attack acted as both wake-up call and leveler to organizations around the world. Add on the trend of hackers commandeering  websites and you have a variety of emerging risks nonprofits need to keep an eye on. From an audit perspective, how do you address and evaluate each unique environment? How do you manage the internal risk that comes from a small staff, sometimes doing business on personal devices? Finally, how do you contain, control and respond to an event should it occur?

Microsoft Dynamics GP Modifier – How to Streamline Your Screen
Tom Jablonski
Come learn what you can do to streamline your GP Screens.   We will show you how you can remove unused fields and how you can change the tab order so that you move through your screens.
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2:20 – 3:20 pm

Ask the Experts – HR Panel
Jodi Schafer & Brandon Zuk
Facilitated by Trey Williams, CPA

Human resource management plays a very important role in the growth of an organization. Join us for this highly interactive panel discussion featuring experienced leaders in our HR community! Hear first-hand about such topics as recruiting, retention, organizational structure, the economy, mentoring and strategic viewpoints. Please feel free to submit questions prior to the conference by emailing Christine at

Best Practices in Managing Cashflow
Dennis Hoyt

This presentation will cover several areas related to the Cash/Treasury functions of an organization. Though not in-depth, it will cover several areas the owner or top finance person should consider as they seek to improve upon those functions. Business considerations from the Treasury perspective, will include topics in the following categories:
• Control Considerations
• Vendor Services
• Planning & Reporting
• Financing

Enabling World-class Decisions
Sal Corrao, BI360

As the world increasingly is becoming a fast changing, technology-driven marketplace where trends often ripple across the globe at blazing speed, slow moving organizations can quickly fall behind. One of the best investments executives can make to support fast and impactful decisions across their teams, is to arm their managers and all their information workers with modern, integrated Corporate Performance Management tools to maximize their ability to set and track goals, quickly adjust plans and budgets, easily find exceptions and monitor performance.

Microsoft Excel Tips and Tricks

How to create Excel Dashboards

Matt Mason & Sue Veres

Did you ever wonder how to make pivot tables or use vlookup functionalities? Now here’s your chance! Join us for an action-packed fun learning session on Excel tips and tricks. Quickly organize and/or summarize your data with pivot tables or find values from other workbooks or worksheets with vlookup. From simple additions to more advanced features, this session is sure to assist with your everyday tasks. We will also include how you can leverage your GP data with Excel refreshable reports.

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3:40 – 4:40 pm

NFP Standard Update / UBI
Mark Lockwitz, CPA & Brandy Terwilliger, CPA

In this session you will receive an update on the latest financial reporting standards for your organization. Also included in this session is a quick lesson on how to identify whether or not your revenue streams are unrelated business income (UBI) and subject to tax. Your presenter will also give a quick review of what expenses and exceptions are available to reduce or eliminate UBI.

Gov’t get off your butt and do something. A tax update
Matt Latham, CPA

As 2017 winds down to a close, taxpayers are anxiously waiting to see if Congress is going to put together a comprehensive tax reform package together. Whether you own a business or just are looking for some tax savings ideas to help maximize your bottom line, we will examine the areas you need to be focused on to help minimize your tax liability for 2017 and beyond.

Sage Intacct – What’s New – Accounts Payable Workbench
Dave Caldwell

Sage Intacct does it again by adding capabilities to its already feature rich program. The Accounts Payable Workbench is truly designed with the end user in mind and phenomenally easy to use. This session is designed to give you an in-depth look at the “Workbench” and also allows you to consider how the AP bill payment process has made significant strides to “easing” your procedures of bill selection and applying credit and debit memos.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Year End Close
Tom Jablonski

This session is applicable to new GP users and also to existing users that want a refresher on what you need to do at year end. We will cover all of the modules, but special attention will be spent on the 1099 process and how to generate 1099’s.


Not all sessions have materials available.

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