Exceeding Nonprofit Expectations Through Visibility

The unique challenges of a finance team in a nonprofit organization are often crippled by the back office systems. Your nonprofit organization needs the visibility to actively manage funds and accurately report to stakeholders. Your back office systems need to give you the tools to enable you to grow and focus on your mission. Eventually, you will need the scalability features that allow you to manage a broadening organization among several entities and at a consolidated level. You will need a flexible, best in class ERP solution designed to help you through each stage of growth and accomplishing your mission.

When you think about visibility, do you consider how your financial system helps you keep important things top of mind? For instance, can you see the current status of fundraising or grant renewal efforts? By tapping into static information like a number of members or volunteer hours you can calculate performance metrics and display them where your team sees them daily.

Throughout your growth timely, accurate reporting maintains confidence in your stewardship among donors, board members, and the community as well as compliance to maintain your nonprofit status. Exporting and maintaining data by hand distracts from the daily business of maintaining your organization. Timely financial reports that quickly measure against programs, grants or locations, with flexibility give you the tools and information that matter most to your mission. Reports run in real-time, so you always have the latest information at hand. More importantly, timely sharing of performance success goes a long way in strengthening your organization’s creditability with funders.

As your organization expands, you will need greater external transparency and internal controls to support your stewardship. With the right back office systems and processes, you can build a verity of automations to smooth out day to day operations. Automated reports to run and be distributed to stakeholders at regular intervals. Accessibility on mobile devices to support your efforts and mission allows insight from virtually anywhere at any time to the right people and only the right access to right information.

Scalability to match your growth. Whether your growth comes from gradual expansion or mergers with like-minded organizations, your system should deliver the tools you need to manage your finances. For example, can you point and click to quickly switch between the financials of your different entities? Can you create a consolidation entity to report on your entire organization? With the right systems in place, you will have the flexibility and insights to grow your mission.

Your path to mission success. Give your finance team the tools to help achieve your mission. Get the visibility to actively manage funds, accurately report to stakeholders, automate internal controls to focus on your mission, and enable the scalable tools to manage a broadening organization. Find the tools to help you strengthen stewardships, build influence, grow, and achieve mission success.

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