Increase AP Efficiency and Effectiveness with Sage Intacct’s AP Workbench – Part 1

It is time to celebrate, accounts payable folks! Sage Intacct has released its eagerly-awaited AP Workbench, which is sure to make your life easier with the addition of new features on top of existing and familiar functionality.

Two major new features within the AP Workbench are its advanced, reusable filters and the AP outbox holding area.

In addition to the existing filter criteria you are used to using when selecting bills to pay in the past, the AP Workbench gives you the ability to filter on any field value on the Vendor, AP bill, and AP bill line objects. What this means is you can now create a filter that will only select out-of-state vendors or one that will only display bills for a particular department. You can even filter by user-defined object fields!

Not only does the AP Workbench grant you the ability to filter AP bills at a much more granular level, but your filters are saved for future uses. Now instead of clearing out your old filter criteria and manually keying new criteria in every time, you can just select one of your saved filters and proceed with bill selection! These saved filters work just like custom views for lists throughout your Sage Intacct system.

In addition to the more advanced filtering capabilities, the AP Workbench has added an outbox for bills to be held prior to the formal approval submission. When selecting bills to be paid, you can immediately submit AP bills for payment, or you can place them in the outbox if you need to set them aside for any reason. Placing AP bills in the outbox essentially saves their payment requests in draft status, just like saving a journal entry or invoice as a draft for revision later.

To access the new AP Workbench, you need to be using the Action User Interface. You can enable the Action interface by clicking the “Enable Beta UI” link in the upper right corner of your screen.

Once the Action User Interface is active, navigate to Accounts Payable and select the Pay Bills link to access the Workbench. Please note that Select Bills To Pay link will take you to the old bill selection screen.

More AP Workbench features have been released as part of the most recent quarterly release, but these will be explored in Part 2 of this series. Stay tuned for Part 2!

If you have any questions about the AP Workbench or Sage Intacct in general, please contact Wes Salisbury at or Steve Walker at