Intacct Purchasing Delegations

Summer is here! For many businesses and organizations, that means that the office might have fewer people occupying it due to vacations. Vacations are great for the mind and body, but the absence of purchasing approvers might cause some disruptions for your day-to-day processes.

Few things are more disrupting to your purchasing and procurement staffers than an approving manager taking a vacation or absence. Even being unavailable for half of a day can hamper the operations of an entire department. With a purchasing approver unavailable, the conversion of quotes into purchase orders and purchase orders into invoices is brought to a halt and would require system admin intervention to restore operational efficiency. To help keep workflows moving efficiently without configuration modification, Intacct has rolled out a new functionality to allow approvers to assign their purchasing approval duties to specific delegates.

Delegates in Intacct are enabled and specified under the Purchasing module configuration. Essentially, a table is set up to establish which approvers have who as a delegate. An example of a completed table is below:


Once this table is set up, the approving user enters into their My Preferences menu and marks that they want to send approvals to their listed delegate.


When approvers declare that they want to send approvals to their delegate, their delegate will now be able to approve new transactions that would have needed to be approved by the original approver. The delegate will receive emails for transactions needing approval, and the original approver will receive an email stating that a transaction was sent to their delegate for approval.

If you have any questions about this functionality or questions about Intacct in general, please contact the Maner Intacct team; Wes at or Dave at