Integrated ERP Provides Seamless Supply Processes for Distributors

A distributor’s day is hectic when managing the supply chain processes. Inbound trucks are arriving from manufacturers and vendors with products. Sales professionals are taking orders as warehouse personnel are picking items from shelves and packaging boxes onto pallets. Delivery trucks are pulling out of loading docks filled with shipment orders that are headed toward retailers and end users.

Having seamless supply processes are a must for busy distribution centers. Managing suppliers and tracking products are just a few of the reasons that distributors are turning to integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) software as the best viable solution.

ERP Providing Flexible Supplier Relationships

One of the problems that distributors can experience is a disconnect with their supply chain data systems. They have one system to manage their trucking fleet, another system to handle invoices and sales, a third for warehouse and inventory management, and others to handle customer service, the purchasing department and a range of other supply chain processes. An integrated ERP system allows for better oversight of all workflow operations for a better automated and centralized system.

Distributors who have already placed ERP solutions into their processes have reaped in the benefits. Modern ERP systems have allowed for better product traceability, as companies are 10% more likely to use this technology to trace products and components through their supply chain. This enhanced transparency allows the distributor to track quality issues, compare procurement prices, negotiate for better product quotes, handle customer service issues and monitor delivery schedules.

Better Distributor Data Management with Integrated ERP Software

As more products pass through distribution centers from manufacturers to end users, an enhanced data system that provides more functionality and versatility is required. Integrated ERP capabilities allow distributors to build stronger relationships with their suppliers by having procurement and inventory data right at their fingertips.

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