Maner Cloud

Cloud computing simply offers many great benefits. In today’s ever changing business environment it is essential to have data when and where you need information. Cloud financials gives you many benefits, including the following:

  • Access from anyplace, any device and at any time, provided that you have internet connectivity
  • Better security
  • Faster Innovation
  • Predictable costs (Easier to budget)
  • Economies of Scale


For anyone considering moving to the cloud, the Maner Costerisan Business Solutions & Technology team is all-in.  We offer the following cloud products and services:


For additional information on how you can improve your processes, please contact James Meyer at or 517.323.7500.

Client Testimonial – Blue River PetCare, a multi-state owner, and operator of Veterinary hospitals implement Intacct to streamline accounting operations and manage growth

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