Fil Schwartz
Business Solutions Specialist

Fil joined the firm’s technology department in 2014, having begun in the field in 1985. His primary work focus is on determining the reports which management needs to run their business. Fil then uses this particular data to determine the most efficient way to implement their IT systems. His previous experience includes developing a multi-departmental report that analyzes sales history to project future purchasing decisions, inventory stocking levels and fabrication scheduling, as well as providing customer trend analysis.

Fil received his BA degree in Business Administration and a MDiv from Fuller Theological Seminary. Prior to joining the firm, Fil spent 10 years as a Business Solutions Specialist – serving the implementation, training and customization needs of numerous businesses and associations. He also served as Director of Finance for the Temple Products Company, a wholesale distributer and powder coating specialist serving the Recreational Vehicle and Building Supply industries for 16 years. For the two years prior to joining Maner Costerisan, he acted as GP Project Manager and Special Projects Accountant for Advance HR, a PEO and Staffing organization.