Photographic image created by Steve Dean
Kate Watts, PMP
Client Service Manager

Kate Watts is known for her creativity and problem-solving skills, which are perfect attributes to have when working with clients to resolve a problem and assure them Maner Costerisan is the best firm to work with. Watts wants her clients to walk away knowing they have been heard and understood and their best interests will be her No. 1 priority.

Watts joined the firm in 2019, but she has worked in customer service and management for more than 12 years. As Client Service Manager she focuses on business solutions and technology as the point of contact for Maner Costerisan’s technology clients, handling their growing needs and following up on their requests. Watts describes herself as innovative, and believes there is a lesson to be learned in everything.

Before joining Maner Costerisan, Watts was project manager at Sahr Building Supply in Lansing and handled all the company’s accounts receivable. She worked at Allstate Insurance, handling sales and maintaining client relationships. She was involved in sales, client management and loss prevention with Kay Jewelers and served as an events manager for AgroLiquid, accommodating client needs and ensuring their events were memorable. Watts was a unit leader at GC Services for six years, training new hires on programs, software and debt collections.

Watts, who lives in St. Johns with her son Robbie, loves to ride horses for pleasure. She is a photographer who has a photo of the old Board of Water & Light building exhibited in a national museum. Watts enjoys working out and spinning and loves a jam-packed schedule, especially in the summer.