Outcome Metrics Can Make A Difference For Nonprofits

How can nonprofit organizations know which programs or services are making a difference amongst those that they serve?  In a word: data.  A strong financial management solution can provide both insight and control over spending, grant management, and highlight the success of your efforts.  Know where you stand and make a difference by using outcome metrics.

Outcome metrics are a way to show that the programs or services that your nonprofit offers are successful and moving toward the mission.  You can use outcome metrics to show fiscal responsibility, strong membership support, and other variables that highlight a functional and strong nonprofit organization.  Many nonprofits are also using outcome metrics to improve organizational performance, as well as show their membership and volunteers, that with their support, the nonprofit is making a difference within the community or industry that they serve.  Download “Outcome Metrics: Measuring What Matters in the Nonprofit World,” a white paper, to see how outcome metrics can help your organization streamline operations and reach out to more people.

Reliable data is the cornerstone of an outcome metrics program, which is why entry-level solutions or specialty software simply won’t work.  An integrated financial management solution, such as Intacct®, offers an efficient way to capture the data needed to evaluate the programs and services that you offer.  You can manage income and expenses, individual budgets for grant programs or special projects, and other valuable information about the events that you host.  By monitoring funding data, for example, you can show supporters that fundraising efforts are successful and showing fiscal responsibility can lead to repetitive grant funding or additional support from foundations.

In addition to fiscal responsibility, showing stewardship can encourage more support from donors, volunteers, and others.  Using outcome metrics to show that programs are reaching the right people and that membership is increasing can highlight your credibility within the community or industry that you serve.  Harnessing the right data within a modern management solution can show supporters that your organization is successfully meeting or exceeding goals.

Nonprofits can use modern management solutions to capture and use data to streamline operations, improve programs and services, and provide strong support to the membership or those you serve.  Download the white paper and contact Maner Costerisan to learn more about using outcome metrics to show that your nonprofit is truly making a difference.