Sage Intacct – Action User Interface

If you’ve been using Sage Intacct through 2017, you may have noticed an “Enable Beta UI” link in the upper right of your screen. Perhaps you’ve already clicked and gave it a try. But what is this Beta UI, anyways?

This Beta UI is the generic term given to Sage Intacct’s upcoming Action UI, which will soon become the standard user interface for all users. This interface has been in beta testing for most of 2017 and is in its final stages of the phase-in program. After the February 9, 2018 quarterly update, the old user interface will be retired and all users will be moved to the Action UI.

The Action UI changes a number of Sage Intacct’s menus as well as its colors, layout, and personal preference options. Some of the major changes include the ability to favorite reports and functions, the location of dimensions and dimension-related objects (such as dimension groups), and how personal preference options are set.

Since the phase-in process is nearing its end and the old user interface will be retired with no option to revert back to it, it is heavily recommended that all of your organization’s Sage Intacct users become familiar and comfortable with using the Action user interface before the February 9th update.

A comprehensive listing of the Action UI changes can be found in the Sage Intacct help file by searching for “Sage Intacct Action UI”.