Sage Intacct Collaborate

For a few decades now, businesses have had their accounting software and communications systems largely separate from each other. Historically, when a controller or CFO would have a question regarding a bill, journal entry, or other type of transaction, they would have to issue an email, make a phone call, or summon the transacting user to explain the transaction. Although these methods have worked well enough over time, they can be inefficient and open to inaccuracies. Further, any conversations and resolutions about the transaction do not become part of the transaction in the accounting system, potentially leading to additional dialogue during an audit or change of staff.

Enter Sage Intacct Collaborate: A powerful communication tool that lives right in your instance of Sage Intacct. Best of all, it’s free of cost!

Sage Intacct Collaborate is built on of the Chatter engine in SalesForce, and works not unlike many major social media platforms. Even though Collaborate is based off of a SalesForce feature, you do not need a SalesForce license to use it with Sage Intacct. With Collaborate, users can make comments on master records and transactions, tag individual users in posts, discuss in private team chat groups, link to websites and files, and much more.

One of the greatest benefits of using Sage Intacct’s Collaborate feature is that user posts become part of the history of any given record. So, if a CFO and controller have a conversation on a large sales order or journal entry in the year 2017, that conversation becomes part of the record itself, available for view in the years to come. Even into the far future when these positions are held by different individuals, they can go back and see what their predecessors discussed regarding that transaction.

In addition, Collaborate can be used to great effect when a user modifies records. Sage Intacct’s audit trail does a great job of tracking what was changed on a record, but does not allow the modifying user to type in WHY they made the change. With Collaborate, the user can explain with a post and/or documentation why a change was made. The following example is a user using Collaborate to explain with a text post along with providing signed documentation as to why a customer’s payment terms were changed:

This type of message will then appear in the news feeds of anyone who follows that particular type of record. Thus, the AR manager is automatically kept apprised of any posts that are being made in the manager’s area of the system.

Sage Intacct Collaborate has many features and options to tailor the solution to your company’s needs. What was covered in this post just scratches the surface of what Collaborate can do. If you are curious about Sage Intacct Collaborate, feel free to contact Wes Salisbury at or Steve Walker at