Sage Intacct Customer Portal

Sage Intacct users have another chief advantage to being among the Sage Intacct user community.   How often have you as a Sage Intacct user thought you would like to have someone, similar in career and industry, who you could call or chat with to share your Sage Intacct experiences with or discuss a report that you are trying to find or how about someone just to test an idea?   Perhaps you might be interested to having access to additional resources beyond Intacct’s online help?  Maybe you just might want to enhance your knowledge within other less familiar areas of Sage Intacct.

Welcome to the Customer Portal!   The portal is an online feature available to Sage Intacct users.   It offers access to a treasure of information, knowledge based resources and end user comradery with the Sage Intacct User Community.  Most importantly, it comes along with your Sage Intacct subscription at no extra charge.  One of the primary areas of the Customer Portal include a way to connecting to a world community of users like yourself allowing you to exchange ideas and information and even perhaps develop a Sage Intacct user friendship.  Another primary area is users have the ability to gain help with minor troublesome areas they are having or allowing them to gain a deeper understanding of a procedure they may perform daily.  Furthermore to consider, is the vast amount of online videos, white papers, hot topic webinars, and educational documents available to read and absorb.  Lastly you may get a glimpse into up and coming quarterly product enhancements.

If you are not already using the Intacct Customer Portal, you should look into it!  Just contact your Sage Intacct Partner and they will be more than happy to help you get logged in and begin using an area that just might add significantly to your experience with Sage Intacct.