Sage Intacct Statistical Accounts

Using financial general ledger information to manage businesses is a core tenant of the practice and science of accounting. Just about every accountant uses the financial information in their accounting system’s general ledger to help management make decisions and monitor the pulse of their organization. Many ERP and accounting systems have numerous tools to transform this data into detailed reports, dashboards, graphs, and ratios.

However, non-financial data hasn’t been given quite as many tools inside ERP and accounting software to translate into useful information. Creating useful non-financial reports and metrics often requires manual manipulation of data and/or the export of data from reports into other systems for analysis. Many organizations might find this manual process to be worth it, as non-financial data such as count of active employees, transactions processed, etc. can be leveraged to give deep insights into operational performance.

But what if statistical metrics can be updated automatically in your ERP system, and the system has the built-in tools to produce useful operating reports without repeated manual manipulation?

Enter Sage Intacct. Sage Intacct has the ability to not only use its built-in reporting tools to generate operational reports, graphs, performance cards and ratios at the click of a mouse, but it can also keep track of your key statistical counts automatically.

For example, say one of your organization’s key metrics is average administrative wages per transaction processed. With Sage Intacct, internal automation can be configured to increase the Transaction Count statistical account by one every time a bill, payment, purchase order, etc. is entered. This way, you don’t have to manually update the statistical account with data from several different reports every time you want to get an up-to-date figure on how many transactions have been processed.

Since Sage Intacct takes care of updating the statistical accounts automatically, all a user has to do is run a pre-built report or dashboard to see how the metric is trending compared to budget or past performance. With Sage Intacct, there is no need to wait for someone to manually update a statistical account with data that might be inaccurate by the time the report is ran. Since the process is automated and statistical counts are updated in real time, the metrics are always accurate at the time of report generation.

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