Sage Intacct Vendor Payment Services

Many of you by now are settled into a routine paying Accounts Payable Bills.    You no doubt have a schedule when to pay bills, your bill selection method and your payment type well thought out.   Some of you have set aside adequate time to print checks, fold, stamp and envelope the payments in order to get them into your Vendor’s hands in time to fall within a due date period or perhaps take advantage of early payment discounts.   You may also be taking advantage of Intacct’s ACH payment method that takes some of the “sting” out of having to print checks, folding and mailing. Instead, you are storing an Intacct produced ACH file and then logging into your bank’s website to upload ACH payment information.  Perhaps you may be faced with timing bill payments around cash coming in and out of your organization.  In other words, vendor payments driven by how much money is available in the coffers at the time…No schedule, not much in the way of a planning, much worry… an effort that challenges the best of us, describes our present bill payment activity.

Ever considered taking the check printing and mailing process and giving it away?  That is to say to someone who might be able to do it quicker faster and more efficiently and whereby allowing you to eliminate the check paper, envelopes, and the Pitney Bowes machine.   Did those of you who use the ACH Intacct feature ever consider turning that process into a “one button submit” without having to save a file and then later uploading it?   Lastly for those sometimes cash starved folks, making a timely vendor payment by placing it on a credit card, later to earn money value points and benefits and more importantly help manage your cash more effectively?   We have answers to those questions…   Please join us for a Sage Intacct webinar presentation to get answers to those very questions.  You are invited to attend the “Sage Intacct Payment Services Webinar” on April 18 2018 at 11AM for an hour long business changing event.   The only cost to you by not attending will be losing out on gaining knowledge, saving time, earning benefits, and learning a better way to manage cash flow.