IT Infrastructure Solutions

Technology Assessment

The Technology Assessment process provides you with a good understanding of the current level of technology in your organization. The Technology Assessment purpose is to assist you in gaining an understanding of your infrastructure, internal controls and management philosophy within the information technology department and to provide you with comprehensive report giving our findings and recommendations, where appropriate. Infrastructure Assessment is in an opportunity to review and update your critical business system and information technology processes and infrastructure.

We have devised a streamlined approach to assist you with an IT assessment of your critical business system and information technology processes and structure by a Microsoft Certified Professional. Please contact Joe DeLuca at (517) 886-9568 or to take advantage of this IT assessment opportunity.

Strategic Technology Plan

The Strategic Technology Plan defines the organization’s technology objectives and how to achieve them. The consultant will assist you in preparing a plan which supports your business plan. The Strategic Technology Plan allows the organization to prepare for the future at a comfortable and affordable pace. Once the plan is completed and approved, the Firm will continue assisting the organization in the implementation phases and with annual updates as required.

Please contact Joe DeLuca at (517) 886-9568 or for additional information on achieving your technology plan.

Information Systems Review

The information Systems (IS) review is a process of reviewing your information systems facilities in light of acceptable operating procedures and insuring that the site is safe and secure, and that processes conform to generally accepted practices. The review also explores your procedures and processes in the following areas: back-up of program and information files, an alternate processing site, the facilities have been properly tested, review security procedures, passwords, access codes, and so forth.

The IS Review is the first level and should be performed every few years. For larger institutions over $100 million, the IS Review should be done every one or two years, with a full IS Audit in the intervening years. The IS Review is an interview and walk-through process. The interviewer does not validate all the answers given, but simply records and observes with random checks for security. A walk-through is done to validate that terminals and printers are secure, and that confidential data is being managed properly.

When was your last IS Review? Contact Joe DeLuca at (517) 886-9568 or to schedule your IS Review today.

Information Systems Audit

The Information System (IS) Audit more closely represents the processes of the traditional accounting audit in terms of the expertise and resources required. The IS Audit begins with the same interview approach as the IS Review. After the interviews are completed, we then validate the information provided to the degree possible. All facets of operations are reviewed and observed.

In conducting the IS Audit and the IS Review, we follow guidelines established by the Federal Financial Institution Examiners Corporation, which is recognized for conducting qualified technology reviews and audits for financial institutions. For non-financial institutions, the questionnaires and procedures are adapted to the client’s specific industry and needs.

Plan & Procedures

To give your organization the highest performance, we recommend a set of written plans and policies that clearly define how technology is to be used by the organization and what to do should an emergency occur so as to minimize the economic impact of such a crisis. We have developed and implemented a number of these plans in several industries. The following is a sample of the types of manuals and procedures with which we are prepared to assist you:

Policy and Procedure Manuals

  • Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Strategic Technology Plans
  • PC, Email and Internet Use Policies

Please contact Joe DeLuca at (517) 886-9568 or for additional information on IS Audits.

Security Consulting

Security is a business issue that requires careful planning and the right firewall products. We can assess your risks, explain your options, recommend a solution and complete the installation. Website blocking, monitoring and virus protection are also available.

All organizations need to be aware of the risks and know how to protect themselves against electronic security breaches. Is your organization able to provide detailed reports that prove the integrity of customer and internal data? A few of the precautions recommended are listed below:

  • Internet connections must be protected by a certified firewall.
  • Intrusion Detection Systems must be in place inside the firewall.
  • Reports proving the security of the system are mandatory.
  • Electronic security procedures must be defined in policy.
  • Privacy has to be protected in every aspect of doing business.

To start your security review, please contact Joe DeLuca at (517) 886-9568 or


Depending on your vision and goals, we can help you customize your current computer systems or we can implement entirely new hardware. The professionals in our Business Solutions and Technology practice take a different approach to traditional vendor relationship. Specialize in providing professional IT services and resources with leading-edge technology innovation with highly skilled resources to deliver reliable, secure and adaptive IT solutions that meet and exceed your needs and management requirements.

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