Professional Services/Project-Centric Organizations

Professional service and/or project-centric organizations face many financial and operational management challenges in today’s highly competitive environment. Having the right system/processes/reporting in place is critical to the success of the organization, including:

  • Lack of ability to clearly see all the financial and operational aspects of a project, product or service line in a real time fashion.
  • Manual spreadsheets/workarounds fill the “information gap” and take time away from production or revenue-producing tasks.
  • Having the right reporting tools in place to effectively manage/monitor individual projects or groups of projects in product/service lines. Working reactively – not proactively
  • Inflexible systems, processes and reporting essential to reflect the true nature of the business and operations. Business processes revolve around or are dictated by systems limitations
  • Lack of visibility into past successes – and failures. Inability to learn from the past and correct or adjust approaches in the future

Intacct solves these challenges and more. Its flexible cloud-based architecture and real-time access to financial and operational reporting and applications – anytime, anywhere and from any device – put the power and control back where it belongs, in the hands of the decision makers of your organization.

  • Visibility – real-time insight anywhere, anytime from any device into financial and operational activities. Turn your internal data into actionable business intelligence and drive better business decision making.
  • Accountability – complete budget vs actual reporting with drilldown analysis at the project-level and product/service lines levels. Capture, report and learn from what went right – and what went wrong.
  • Manageability – superior financial and operational reporting & role-based dashboards, complete with drilldowns to source transactions, provides the tools to manage projects in a real-time fashion.
  • Capability – Intacct multi-tenant architecture makes it easy to extend and customize Intacct to work with any other systems you use to run your business. Build custom applications easily and quickly with easy to use platform tools and API’s.
  • Flexibility – you can configure Intacct to customize every aspect of your business including workflows, settings, dimensions, custom fields, smart-events and triggers and entirely new screens based on your unique needs.
  • Profitability – employing a proactive, versus reactive, financial/operational management strategies at the project/product-service levels ultimately leads to higher profitability.

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