The Value of Better Distribution Data Visibility

Leading distributors are 76% more likely to have real-time data sharing and collaboration across their organization. As is covered in the eBook, “Better Data, Better Distribution: A Distributors Guide to Becoming a Data Driven Business,” those distribution organizations see the value from that data across their business.

Better Supply Processes & Procurement

Data visibility is key to the supply process for any distributor. The success of your procurement and supply processes is directly linked to your inventory processes and ultimately, your customer satisfaction.

When a distributor improves supply data visibility, they have a better insight into product demand and can address potential problems in a timely manner before they become actual problems.

Improved Inventory Monitoring

Inventory is the cornerstone of any distribution business, so tracking and sharing data regarding your inventory is obviously a high priority.

It allows you to organize your inventory and avoid mistakes when customers order a product or item. An integrated and visible data strategy also allows you to track inventory based on lot numbers, serial numbers or other strategies. Data visibility streamlines your inventory management and helps you keep the data in one place to prevent mistakes or potential problems.

Customer Satisfaction from Sales Efficiencies

The efficiency of your sales processes relies on your people having access to real-time inventory, financial and customer data.

By leveraging integrated tools to automate your sales ordering processing so that you can improve customer service, increase control over fulfillment and invoicing, and minimize shipping and labor costs.

Delivery That’s Data Driven

Better access to data enhances delivery processes from picking, to packing, to shipping.  By improving each of these processes through visibility, it increases your flexibility which enables you to lower overhead, reduce handling, and improve accuracy for both single and multi-site warehouse operations.


Data visibility plays a key role in distribution because it prevents mistakes and allows you to catch problems at an early stage. By maintaining an integrated system, you keep up with the demands of your customers and ensure that you follow proper procedures. Greater visibility gives your company a competitive edge for growth and development.