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Cannabis Providers

Track Your Financial Data Accurately and Efficiently

As cannabis gains acceptance in Michigan and across the country, investors and business owners face emerging challenges and opportunities. Our team has developed proven solutions to help businesses navigate the complexities of the cannabis market. Our accounting, technology, and advisory professionals are familiar with the systems, processes, and best practices of the cannabis industry.

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Create Accountability

It's crucial for cannabis industry leaders to have an effective way to track their business processes. While analysts predict a multi-billion dollar cannabis industry, the stakeholders in this emerging market are left to navigate this unique business with conflicting state and federal laws. Certain factors can have a large impact on operations, like an all-cash environment, a lack of established financial controls, and constantly changing reporting requirements.

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Robust Reporting 

Simplify your reporting efforts with software that gives you real-time financial visibility across multiple entities, locations, departments, projects, and more. Dashboards give you real-time financial insights and key performance metrics that you can share with your management team and investors, creating greater transparency and credibility.

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Real Time Visibility

Whether you're a grower, processor, or provisioning center, we have the tools and technology to give you real-time access to your financial data. This advantage allows you to be more agile in your decision making and make decisive adjustments in an ever changing industry.

Our Process

At Maner Solutions, we're committed to finding the right solution to meet all your accounting and operation needs. Here's how our process works:



Contact us to schedule an initial discovery meeting so we can get to know you better and understand your goals.



Based on our initial meeting, we will present you with a Summary of Findings and an initial ROI Analysis.



The next step is a tailored solution demo or presentation to share our recommendations and ideas.


Action Plan

Lastly, we will mutually agree on an action plan and we will use our proven Implementation Methodology to get you quickly operational on time and on budget.

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Let our accounting, technology, and advisory experts help you navigate the cannabis industry with ease. Take the first step by calling our team to schedule your free discovery session.

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